About Us


PT ACAK SOLUSI (ODISYS) is an integrated Information Technology & Consulting companies, which offer End-To-End IT Services solutions for specific industry; Courier, Cargo, and Logistics.

Was officially established July 12, 2012, based on notarial act Netty Maria Machdar, SH, in Jakarta. The company that pioneered since May 2010 initially only depend on the labor of less than 10 people,and currently has joined more than 50 workers.

We have the resources and ability to provide world-class service from a team of consultants and experts, who are experienced and have a good proven expertise in creating, developing and implementing IT systems online in more than 20 companies Courier, Cargo and Logistics as our clients.

We provide IT Solutions which can be customized according to user needs by prioritizing client satisfaction and always delivering the best service professionally.

You can rely on us for IT Services as Right Solutions.

Vision & Mission


To be the Best IT Solutions Provider especially System Information Courier, Cargo, Logistics and Distribution.


Creating value to clients through Appropriate Technology, Innovative Products and Right Solutions.

Providing services with high Quality standards, Timely and Cost Effective.

Core Value

Acak Solusi (ODISYS) to build strong relationships with clients and business partners based on 6 (six) core values


Working together so that objectives can be achieved optimally and make synergy with the spirit of sharing skills and abilities as well as having mutual trust, mutual respect and a sense of harmony with others to enable them to complete his work well and full of excitement.


Provide manpower and expertise and ensure they have a high priority in all our activities. Maintain health, safety and environmental management in the office and at client locations.


The determination to always do the right thing, always looking for possibilities for improvement and efficiency. Always creative and innovative in order to create benefits and added value for clients with reasonable and competitive prices.


continuously improve the quality of skills, expertise, and mental attitude to achieve better results.

Understand client's need

Solve problems and meet client expectations.


Do the best in everything we do to achieve high quality standards of products and services.

Our Strength

Our Partner

We realize that to provide the right solutions for the needs of clients needed the Support Of Our Partners either in the field of providers of cloud computing services, IT Security, hardware, software, network communications, etc. It as the guarantee to our clients that through the support of our partners, we will further improve the quality of products and services provided.

Our People

Our talented and motivated people make Odisys the right place for a challenging job. We're committed to hiring them, retaining them, and helping them be the best now and in the future.

We've developed a culture based on mutual respect and teamwork that promotes personal responsibility and initiative at all levels.
We help our people succeed professionally through our career development framework, providing them with the challenging and rewarding experiences, learning and ongoing coaching they need, to help them grow and expand their aspirations.